orleans house gallery


So, how did your project go? Sometimes this is tricky to answer. As well as knowing what happened, it's important to know what went well and of course, what didn't go so well.  These and other questions are those we help clients answer, most frequently within an HLF or ACE funded process. 

For many organisations an evaluation can seem to sneak up on them at the end of the project - this happens a lot! Whilst that's not always a problem, we generally encourage data gathering in even the most simplest form from the get go - after all, its much better to gather small but consistent amounts of good quality data rather than a large amounts of incomplete data. 

For Orleans House Gallery we are lucky enough to be working alongside them from the very start, gathering data for their Transforming Orleans House project -  a major capital redevelopment which will literally transform how Orleans House functions as well as conserve the significant Octagon Room and open up the Richmond Borough Art Collection for all. 

Other recent project evaluations have included Salisbury Museum (Wessex Gallery), Guildford Museum, the ACE Resilient West London Museums Partnership, Wiltshire Museum, The London Borough of Ealing and the Great Central Railway. We also frequently create standalone evaluation frameworks for many of our clients.