cogges manor farm 


Cogges is a really amazing place - its not your normal farm-y heritage day out, it's so much more. The site encompasses a 1,000 year history of human habitation as well as an enchanting manor house and array of barns and work spaces.  What makes this place so special though is its self-confidence in shrugging off the norms and embracing 'cogges-ness'...something that's about sustainability, craft, our food, the outdoors, the past and a bit of hygge thrown in for good measure.

Right now we are working towards delivering Cogge's activity plan, and along the way discovering what makes the place tick and what we can do to truly embed it in the local community - we love this project because we get to really throw the rule book out and go back to basics to discover what makes people love the outdoors. Our aim here is to enable Cogges to become sustainable in all senses - environmentally, socially and economically.

We really enjoy speaking with people (I suspect we're probably just nosy) and discovering new ways to get them engaged and passionate about our heritage. recent clients we have also done this for include The Courtauld Gallery, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Bath Abbey, the Great Central Railway, RHS Wisley, Hamsphire County Council and Guildford Cathedral.