connecting people and place



Connecting people and place

Here at Lemon Drizzle we've always thought that a good day out needed cake, plus a few other things. But mainly we needed cake.    

Over ten years ago we started out as a pretty straightforward museum consultancy but as the years have gone by we have become so much more.  We now work across all sectors bringing people and place together in meaningful and sustainable ways.  We work with parklands, World Heritage Sites, historic houses, churches and yes of course,  lots of museums which we love!

We've seen amazing things happen when new people are brought into places and encounter new and inspiring experiences. We strongly believe that our natural and human heritage has the power to inspires, enliven and bring people together. This is why we do what we do.

No matter what issues you face or stage of your project, we understand the challenges facing the visitor and heritage sector and as a result offer friendly and bespoke support...and If things are really bad we'll being cake.

Often the words 'consultancy' and 'bespoke' make things sound expensive, so please do have a look around our website, get a feel for what we do and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised. 



We've worked in enough places to know that we are rapidly moving from a long held period of static and passive heritage experiences into a new and exciting world of real engagement, experiences and hands on encounters.

As a company our goal is to make a positive impact in the world. We know that sounds a little corny, but its true. All of us here at Lemon Drizzle have sustainability roots that run deep. These roots have been grown in places like the Farm in Tennessee, Embercombe, Hampi WHS, Anagundi India, Wilderness Wood, Futerra London and UNESCO Rome to name a few. 

We are also creatives and historians with a passion for heritage which drives what we do.  By bringing together heritage, people, creativity and passion we are driven to our goal for creating sustainable heritage.  We hope you like what we do because we love it!


“real engagement is the key to sustainable heritage.”

chrissy brooks  |  Founder


Here are some pictures from our Lemon Drizzle travels - check out our Instagram account to see some more!

How we can help you

Dreaming big with the Beaumont Leys residents association! 

Dreaming big with the Beaumont Leys residents association! 

Brand development with ACE West London Museums Network

Brand development with ACE West London Museums Network


Whether your looking to redefine your organisation's DNA or trying to prepare an HLF bid, we can help.  Our team will build you a bespoke service to enable you to think clearly and dream big!


This could include;

  • Vision workshops
  • Corporate planning
  • Bid and strategic document writing
  • Market analyses and feasibility studies
  • Team building and mentoring
  • Public and community consultation
  • Staff consultation
  • Lemon Drizzle Buddy


Getting the nuts and bolts right is important - ensuring you're accessing the right tools and resources and making informed choices.

We can support;

  • Developing a writing funding bids
  • Writing Activity Plans to HLF requirements
  • Designing evaluation frameworks and toolkits
  • Development planning
  • Audience development, insight and data collection
  • Fundraising strategies
  • Communication plans
Piloting children's activities for Trowbridge Museum

Piloting children's activities for Trowbridge Museum

Chrissy carrying out community consultation for St John's Hoxton

Chrissy carrying out community consultation for St John's Hoxton

Spending time at the Summer fete! Hoxton

Spending time at the Summer fete! Hoxton

Salisbury Museum - Wessex Gallery Evaluation

Salisbury Museum - Wessex Gallery Evaluation



Taking your project or idea from planning to delivery phase - the dreams become reality! Our team is adept at guiding our clients through project transition stages and standing beside you when the hard work starts.

Our support here could include;

  • Lemon Drizzle Buddy
  • Project management
  • Project evaluation
  • Mentoring delivery staff
  • Training staff and volunteers

Sometimes two heads are better than one!

Sometimes two heads are better than one!

lemon Drizzle buddy

A Lemon Drizzle Buddy is your one stop consultancy support. We offer a menu of additional ways we can help, form mentoring a new general manager or providing advice on how to write a volunteer training plan - we cover the spectrum; insight, evaluation, education, training and visitor experience mapping.

Our clients have often told us how much they value having an extra pair of hands on board which is why we developed the Buddy scheme.

Because our Buddies have great experience they can help you with things as simple as providing document templates right through to supporting a full rebranding programme for your organisation. 

Our Buddies are friendly, world-wise and scalable to your needs.

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Below is a small selection of some of our most recent projects. For any more info please contact us